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Feb 03, 2009:
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Remember our tasks combined on the last meetings. See document on "meetings"


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This project is funded by the European Commission within the framework Grundtvig.
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Welcome to STEP!

This is the website of "STEP", a project of different european organisations who work in the field of adult education in a broader sense. This project is financed by the european commission in the framework of "Grundtvig".

Our aim is, to share ideas between the project partners, how in a futur society of an aging population an exchange of competences can be implemented between elderly (older) people on one hand and disadvantaged persons on the other hand.

group participants

This website shows you some of our results we found out in our meetings and provide you with data material you might find interesting for your own work. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of the project partners. All of us will be very willing to share ideas and help you as far as possible.